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Virtually any kind of plastic product, part, or piece can be made using plastic injection molding — which is exactly why ShapePoint specializes in this critical process.

Benefits of plastic injection molding:
  • Remarkable product diversity (complex or simple, large or small)
  • Huge quantities
  • Low labor costs
  • Repeatable high tolerances

We've used precise, customized injection molding to design and manufacture quite a variety of products, some of which are shown below.

A quick look at a few of ShapePoint's China Plastic Injection Molding projects with descriptions:

Plastic Injection Molded - Face Plate

Face Plate ShapePoint manufactured this faceplate for highly specialized ophthalmic ultrasound computer imaging system with precision injection molding. The result is a durable, precision part with the required non-reflective finish. Medical equipment requires the highest standards of exacting production and quality control-a ShapePoint specialty.

Plastic Injection Molded - Carousel

Vending Carousel Integrating high-precision metal and plastic parts, this rotating carousel must meet the demanding wear and tear of daily vending machine use. Whether metal or plastic manufacturing, or a fusion of both, ShapePoint can deliver world-class products with uncompromising fit and finish.

Plastic Injection Molded - Enclosures

Speaker Enclosures Form and function mesh beautifully together in these unique speaker enclosures. Precision manufacturing is not only evident in the streamlined shell, but in the superior sound quality these molded speaker parts produce. Final application is always a consideration when manufacturing with ShapePoint.

Plastic Injection Molded - Water Stik™

The Water Stik ™ Poke this little device into the soil of any potted plant at home and it will monitor the watering needs of your plant 24/7. This takes the guess work out of watering, no more over watered or under watered plants to throw out, the Water Stik ™ can turn anyone into a green thumb. This project required PCBA, plastic injection molding, final assembly and gift box packaging. We did it all for this customer, from top to bottom and left to right.

Plastic Injection Molded - Dome

The Dome The Dome is the shell for an underwater juncture where spliced fiber optics can remain dry and clean. The Dome can be pressurized to maintain atmospheric pressure at great depths beneath the ocean surface. This plastic injection molded beauty contains almost one kilogram of PP plastic and has inner threading at the opening where the Dome lid seals the whole apparatus shut.

Plastic Injection Molded - Register Equipment

Register Equipment Fitted pieces and a high-touch finish are featured on these point-of-sale register and receipt housings. Built to accommodate multiple moving pieces and electronic workings, ShapePoint manufactured these for a UK producer of cash registers.

Plastic Injection Molded - Image Balls

Image Balls Another unique product utilizing ShapePoint's in-house injection molding and our partner factory’s rubber compression molding capabilities. The well-conceived design holds a 35m transparency film frame and magnifies the image through the viewer lens. Each ball has the look and feel of actual miniature sports equipment.

Plastic Injection Molded - Sip Stream

Sip Stream The Sip Stream is a water bottle with a twist. It has a revolutionary design that allows cyclists to drink water from the bottle on the go, there’s no longer any need to carry water on your back or to use your hands to pull the bottle from the cage, just bite, suck and hydrate. Shape Point worked closely with one of its industrial design partners and the customer to get this product to the market. It required processes from multiple disciplines such as; plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and compression silicon molding.

Plastic Injection Molded - Bleach Ring

The Bleach Ring The Bleach Ring is plastic injection molded from highly flexible PP. It is pressure fit under the lip of a toilet so that each time it is flushed the water flows through the baskets of bleach tablets and it cleans the toilet. Pretty ingenious, and it’s a heck of a lot better than squatting down and cleaning the bowl yourself.



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• Quality assurance guaranteed
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