What’s the, Point?

To Shape

Shape your conceptual dreams into reality with ShapePoint! Our proven Design for Manufacturability (DFM) all done in-house. SP engineers and designers can help with everything from conceptual and industrial design to mechanical and electrical design. Have a cool idea? Let’s Shape It!

To Create

Creating high quality products is in our DNA. Enjoy error-free production built exactly to your specifications. From PCB assembly, 3D printing and rapid prototyping to plastic injection molding, metal fabrication, and OEM orders, we can create it. Not sure if ShapePoint can help? Try us.

To Succeed

ShapePoint succeeds only when you succeed. Our Western & Chinese project managers make sure communication between your engineers, ShapePoint and the factory goes smoothly. Having SP as a single point of contact, frees your team up to do what they do best: Grow business and make money.

About Us

Who is ShapePoint?

We have more than a decade of experience helping clients from around the globe successfully navigate, negotiate, and manage a wide-array of manufacturing initiatives in China. To facilitate quality assurance, on-time delivery, and supply chain management for our clients, we offer a fully staffed factory in Dong Guan, China.

Our factory specializes in comprehensive plastic injection and blow molding capabilities—including in-house tooling. We also offer a full range of manufacturing and finishing capabilities such as pad printing, screen printing, painting, powder coating, thru-hole electronics PCB assembly and final packaging. Visit our PCB Assembly page to see some of our recent China PCB assembly projects.

If your particular project requires a process we don’t have in-house we can utilize our exclusive network of strategic partners to get the job done. This combination of U.S. management and China manufacturing ensures our ability to produce a wide array of quality-assured products at a fraction of the cost of domestic alternatives.

ShapePoint Benefits

  • We have our own manufacturing facility in China
  • Domestic quality / accountability at overseas prices
  • U.S. project managers
  • Highly trained engineering staff
  • Comprehensive tooling capabilities
  • Production of metal and poly-resin parts
  • PCB fabrication and assembly
  • Quality assurance guaranteed
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