What is it?

Bath Bong is a bath bomb that allows a customized and enhanced bath experience. Add essential oils, CBD, or other medicinal compounds on demand to ensure efficacy and activation. Bath Bong activates the key ingredients just prior to use, ensuring maximum effect. Turn a bath into a big part of your customers daily wellness experience with a Bath Bong.

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Why it’s done!

Essential oils are a highly reactive and unstable component especially when incorporated into a bath bomb during manufacturing. After shipping, warehouse storage, exposure to light, fluctuating temperatures and time on the shelf most of the essential oils are lost. The new Bath Bong solves this problem and allows the end user to decide the scents and quantity of oils dispensed upon use, all at 100% efficacy! This is not just a bath bomb, it is an essential oil delivery system which promotes more use of oils by your customers. More use, more efficacy means higher essential oil sales and more profit for you.

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Here’s how it works

Select the Bath Bong you want to work with your Essential and/or Medicinal ingredients. We have our own formulas or we can help you create one and license/manufacture for you.

Add your Essential Oil, CBD oil, or other Medicinal Oil extracts and compounds, Bath Bong will absorb your ingredients and is then ready for immediate use.

After personalizing your Bath Bong by adding oils of your choice just drop into your bath to activate the Bath Bong. It will then diffuse your ingredients into the water ensuring maximum potency of your oils.

And for the Boys

Athletic recovery bath bomb.

The only bath bomb with athletes and their individual recovery needs in mind. Bath Bong is an on-the-fly, customized recovery system that allows athletes to add their favorite cocktail of CBD, essential oils, and other medicinals deep Into the bomb for enhanced personalization, effectiveness and recovery.

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Who we are.

We are ShapepointUSA and we are a contract manufacturer that has been supplying US customers with an array of products for the past 20 years.  We can engineer, formulate, design and produce custom Bath Bongs for mass sales and distribution under your company brand and product name.  We have offices in Utah, Kentucky and China and are looking forward to working with you and making your company a success.  Bath Bong is a Patent Pending Invention.

For Samples click here! Shapepoint.com