Silicone Molding

Silicone Injection Molding – Rubber Moulding – Design Services in China

ShapePoint’s can practically produce any part or product that is silicone.

As with our rubber services, we can provide a full variety of services from design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, testing, assembly and more.

Check out previous products we’ve overseen:

  • Non-toxic Silicone Rubber
      •  Sex dolls love fun silicone
      •  Silicone-prosthesis silicone
      •  Silicone-insoles silicone
      •  Silicone-breast silicone
  • High-Tech Silicone Rubber
    •  Silicone-robot dummies silicone
    •  Aerospace aviation Silicone
    •  Car field silicone
    •  Marine vessel silicone
    •  Military silicone rubber
  • Mold Making Silicone Rubber
    •  Molding Silicone Rubber
    •  Food grade molding silicone
    •  Life casting silicone rubber
    •  GRC cement plaster molding silicone
    •  Artificial stone mold silicone
    •  Sculpture molding silicone
    •  Roman column mold silicone
    •  Arts crafts mold silicone
    •  Shoe mold Silicone
    •  Tire mold silicone
    •  Jewelry molding silicone
    •  Soap mold silicone
    •  Candle mold silicone
    •  Rapid prototype silicone
    •  Vacuum bagging silicone
  • Encapsulant Potting Silicone Rubber
    •  Electronic potting silicone rubber
    •  Two parts sealing silicone
  • General Usage Silicone Rubber
    •  Condensation cure silicone rubber
    •  Platinum cure silicone rubber
    •  Other silicone rubber
  • Silicone Gel
  • Liquid Silicone Foam
  • Screen Printing Silicone
  • Silicone-label Silicone
  • Pad Printing rtv Silicone
  • Injection Silicone Rubber
  • Silicone Leather
  • SS Silicone

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Why Choose ShapePoint?

Expert In-house Engineering

Our expert in-house Design for Manufacturing (DFM) engineers ensure rapid time to market & error-free production.

Vendor Consolidation

Enjoy a single point of contact and combined shipping for your China sourcing. Enjoy the assurances of dealing with an American company.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Communication with Native English speakers and aggregating orders with suppliers allows us to have fast turnaround times.

Verified Vendors

We only partner with fully vetted manufacturers. Our stringent compliance requirements are designed to meet your certification requirements.

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“ShapePoint was helpful in taking our initial rough concept and improving on it. They were able to produce working units in just two months. This was quite a quick turnaround time for the complexity of the IoT product. We’ve used other vendors in the past and it took twice as long and was at least twice as expensive. Keep up the great work Shape Point!”

Lukas J.Concept to Mass Production in 2 months!

“ShapePoint has truly performed in the top 3% of the suppliers we’ve worked with. They meet deadlines and deliver excellent work in a cost-effective manner. Their Western project managers are a big asset as they improve communication and eliminate the chances of error that arises when dealing directly with Chinese factories.”

Michael M.Performance in the top 3%

“We’ve been using ShapePoint since 2006 now. Production quality has always met our expectations and there are low defective rates. When issues do arise, Shape Point gets on it immediately and rectifies it so it doesn’t happen again. We look forward to working with Shape Point for many more years to come.”

James M.Couldn’t Be Happier!